Super Yachting S. Africa

 Super Yachting S. Africa

SYSA first opened its doors late 2008 and has been going from strength to strength ever since, with new professionally led courses being added each year.

Our team is headed up by Industry experts, between them over 30 years' experience in the Interior and Deck departments.

As a result, we are able to provide the best and latest information possible on how to succeed and advance in the world of Super Yachting!

Our guarantee to you: All our Instructors worked in the Super Yacht Industry for many years in the most senior positions on board and our information is up-to-date and applicable and will prepare you for a career in this highly competitive industry.

Our first commitment is to our students, ensuring each of them meets the standards of excellence expected by the yachting industry. Our training is hands-on, practical and skills-orientated. By training our students to these exceptional standards, not only are we giving them the knowledge to excel as junior crew, but also instilling a professional and disciplined mindset? Our goal is to ensure that crew enter the industry as a professional, responsible and knowledgeable crew, capable of taking initiative and making an impression right from the start. Our training packages are specific to the needs of each individual crew member’s needs, depending on their work-related experience.

We teach them that the correct skills, a positive attitude, excellent manners, great work ethic and personal work etiquette above all are what make you the complete package. We encourage them to be team players, motivated, dependable, responsible, self-reliant, persistent and driven.

Through continuous study, research and presence at the world’s biggest Super Yacht Trade Shows, we meet not only the highest standards of training and most up-to-date superyacht information, but we ensure that our graduates are the best-prepared crew in the industry.

maintenanceThis has created a serious need for qualified and professionally trained crew members across the board. Furthermore, the professional approach adopted within the Super Yachting Industry has created numerous possibilities for career advancement.

SYSA has a great reputation with both captains and crew agents in the industry, as they know that our students have been properly trained and prepared, which makes them more than just inexperienced crew members. It also shows that an individual has put time, effort and money towards a yachting specific course - demonstrating that she/he is driven and eager to succeed - an asset to any yacht! We teach them that ethics, determination, professionalism and passion to find a placement will be noticed in the industry right from the start.

The competition in the Yachting Industry is fierce, and with many individuals looking for work with only their basic qualifications (like STCW), it is considered a huge bonus if an inexperienced person has done additional yachting courses, preparing and equipping them to better perform their duties.

SYSA is not a crew placement agency, but the PYA Steward/ess and SYSA Deckhand Course deals with the entire process of applying for a job on a Super Yacht, including crew agent information, how to compile a yachting CV, visas etc. Once these courses are completed, the student has access to our digital course manuals, which is priceless, as contains more than 10 years of yachting experience in a very practical way. This serves as a great tool in the working environment and can be referred to at any time.

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