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Topic: Getting ready for the next season

Yacht Ready. Crew Ready. A new season is on the horizon!

It’s a busy time of year for yacht crew, land-based businesses and suppliers. With a global migration of yachts about to take place, from East to West and from North to South, planning should be well underway to complete those all-important tasks to prepare yourself for next season. So, have you got your ducks in a row?

For the team at Seahub, we are entering a time where we are called in to provide an extra set of hands during this busy period. From shipyard planning using our Project Management module to ensuring provisions and spare parts are well documented, our support team is well placed in Fort Lauderdale to support you in this all-important time of the year.

Co-founder of Seahub, Sam Wheaton runs the in Fort Lauderdale location and provides support all year round to new and existing clients. “Establishing a base in Fort Lauderdale has allowed us to extend our support network from Australia to one of the busiest yachting regions in the world. Deploying Seahub during this transition period can bring great value to yachts looking to plan an upcoming yard period, increase resale value during the boat show period or improve the maintenance and record keeping onboard”.

The Monaco Boat Show usually marks the end of the Mediterranean Season, which paves the way for a mass movement to Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. The area has some of the most sophisticated yacht facilities and well-renounced yacht suppliers in the world. As an ex-yacht crew, we have had the privilege of utilising and building relationships with many of these suppliers over the years.

Here are just a few of the long-established yacht support businesses that can help you prepare for the next season:

• Rybovich: A world-class refit and yard facility located in West palm beach, FL. After completing several yard periods there, we know that the customer experience is one of the best.

• National Marine Suppliers: Based in Fort Lauderdale, National Marine Suppliers are a premier yacht supplier and logistical support group. No matter where you are in the world, they can help.

• Elite Crew International: Provides professional and dedicated crew placement services to the mega yacht industry.

• Denison Yacht Sales: A committed and reputable brokerage, charter and crew service. An experienced and reliable team of talented individuals.

A great deal of planning and coordination needs to take place to sufficiently prepare your yacht for the upcoming season. We hear you because we have been there. One of the most integral parts of this preparation is the effective planning and management of resources and external contractors.

“It’s a team effort by all departments onboard when it comes to preparing a yacht for the next charter season. What we love about this time of the year is how local businesses and crew work together to achieve common goals and outcomes for the vessel during this busy period” says Matt Hyde, Co-founder of Seahub.

An exciting element of the yachting industry is how integrated it has all become. Much of this can be attributed to social media and the technological benefits that the internet has brought to this industry. Crew groups on Facebook are used daily to share stories, talk about local suppliers and seek employment. It’s an industry spread across every corner of this globe, however, with today’s level of connectivity, we are able to reach each other and share experiences with the click of a button.

Finding local suppliers has become a simple task using online tools. Yacht Needs can be used worldwide to assist crewmembers when seeking local and trustworthy support. Its technologies like these are transforming the industry into a buzzing innovative hub where a press of a button can see a crucial engine part delivered to your gangway in just a matter of a few hours or a new crew member sourced from another hemisphere.

We view local support as one of the most critical elements in running an efficient yacht program today. Seahub has the functionality to capture important information provided by external contractors or suppliers. The ability to capture and record this information is going to ensure current and future crew will be more informed and more capable of resolving many issues in the future. In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting how this process works and share with you our experiences working with some of South Florida’s most dependable land-based support businesses.

The upcoming period will see a great portion of the industry partaking in the following activities. Our experiences have seen us play a role in streamlining these activities and removing some of the headaches involved.

• Provisioning of spare parts and consumables. Understanding what is available where and the logistics of tracking down spares.

• Yard periods and how to plan for them, including tenders and toys preparations and short-term storage maintenance. How to schedule various activities so one contractor does not halt the progress of another.

• New crew - where and how to find them. How many do you need for a yard period?

• Boat Shows and how planned maintenance systems can improve the resale value of your vessel. How to use Seahub to project a vessels value and maintenance history during the sales process.

• Preparing for crossings and safety at sea including drills and the operational testing and logging of critical safety equipment on board.

So where does Seahub fit into all this?

Hunter Oceanic is a proudly Australian based marine IT organisation providing dynamic and innovative vessel management solutions for the global superyacht industry. Founded by Matthew Hyde and Sam Wheaton, Seahub – Yacht Maintenance Software has been developed on the back of over a decade’s practical experience in the superyacht industry in the European, American and Caribbean regions working as engineers on yachts ranging from 115ft to 265ft. We understand the environment and the pressures the crew face. Our goal? Provide a user-friendly and effective tool for the crew to perform their jobs.

Our core beliefs of integrity, advancement and safety run deep through an in-depth understanding of our client requirements. We are committed to forming long-lasting relationships and have a strong focus on providing solutions to promote safety in the wider marine industry.

For more information about the Seahub team and the industry’s most user-friendly yacht maintenance software, get in touch today and request a demo to experience it for yourself.


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