An Innovative Cruising Guide for the Modern Sailor

Sharing has always been at the heart of the sailing and yachting community. What makes Navily so unique is its use of this collaboration. Users have access to thousands of reviews.

Client: Edouard Fiess
Date of interview: 14/07/2015
Info: An Innovative Cruising Guide for the Modern Sailor

Users have access to thousands of reviews and photos from the first-hand experience of fellow sailors. This information allows for each sailor to make educated decisions before and/or during their voyages. Read more about our story

With over 6000 users and 2000 crowdsourced anchoring places, Navily has already gathered a community of passionate seafarers. In 2015, Navily is releasing a revolutionary service: the ability to book a berth in over 20 partnering marinas directly from the app.

Navily can accommodate most sailors too since the app is available on both iOS and Android, and also in four languages. Launched in 2014 by two friends and longtime sailors, the product has received high praises from users and port-owners alike. The introduction of marinas on the app allows marinas and users to connect like never before: marinas can update their profiles in real-time, showcase their best features, while users can book berths and get confirmations without leaving the app.

With 5 marinas in June 2015, the service quickly grew to the 20 partnering marinas of today. Navily is now expanding throughout Europe to bring marinas and their communities even closer. Are you as passionate as we are? Come join the Navigation family!

Contact Navily for more detailed information.

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