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 In The Sun Yacht Services

Welcome to Ischia - the paradise of “eternal youth”, the Green Island, with its lush vegetation and the bubbling thermal springs, ready to rejuvenate and restore.

A wonderful scenery for Owners and Guests to spend some quality time whilst on charter, with breath-taking landscapes, spas, gourmet food, film festivals, cultural and historical heritage in a unique combination.

Plenty for the Crew to explore on a day-off, without having to worry about safety on nights out in big towns. And In The Sun Yacht Services are on the spot to offer any assistance you may need to set up in-between charters and make your stay as smooth and pleasant as possible.

This is how we like to welcome our clients at In The Sun Yacht Services.

The 'Beautiful Sister of Capri' as we like to call her, lives a little outshined by her better-known sibling in the Gulf of Naples, yet has so much to offer and our aim is to let everyone know.

That’s why we thought to give you 10 Good Reasons To Come To Ischia.

1) Starting from what Ischia is most famous for: the spas and thermal springs, world-famous and celebrated since ancient Roman times.

A plunge into these founts of wellness has the power to regenerate energies and relax, making you feel like you were born again.

You can enjoy these natural springs either in open-air thermal parks, or in more discreet indoor spas in the most exclusive resorts, or even just sitting in pools made of rock right in the sea, with the hot waters just bubbling out around you. Hot and steamy natural saunas up to 90°C can be found everywhere on the island, and in some corners the hot vapours even allow you to cook a meal in the sand, as it happens in the legendary Fumarole.

Miraculous fresh waters pour out of Ischia’s hills in Nitrodi: their healing properties are renowned, curing wounds and soothing the most difficult skin conditions.

SantAngelo2) We should perhaps mention the astounding botanical gardens: the amazing “Giardini La Mortella” - founded by British composer Sir William and his wife Lady Susana Walton - a unique collection of exotic and Mediterranean plants, very much loved and supported also by Charles the Prince of Wales. Or the impressive “Giardini Ravino”, the biggest collection of succulents in Europe, to be explored while sipping one of their surprising cactus-martinis.

3) We should also talk about its historical sites. Ischia is the most ancient Greek settlement in the Western Mediterranean and has endured no end of dominations, leading to particular architectonic features and a very varied cultural heritage. The Aragonese Castle is a fine example – dominating the old town of Ischia Ponte from a rock in the middle of the sea tied to the mainland by a causeway. So are the Saracen sighting-towers in Forio. Many archaeological finds are on display in the museum of Villa Arbusto – such as the nearly 3000-year-old Nestor’s Cup, decorated with one of the most ancient known examples of writing in the Greek alphabet.

4) Ischia has always been an inspiring retreat for artists, writers and poets, in the past - such as Stendhal, Ibsen, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Pablo Neruda - as well as today. A paradise for Hollywood stars in the 50ies and 60ies, it is still a place where celebrities like to gather each summer when the Ischia Film Festival and the Ischia Global Fest take place.

5) Expert trekking guides are ready to take nature-lovers to the most remote corners of this island: on the top of our Mount Epomeo – a volcanic horst covered in a forest of mighty chestnut trees and reachable on horseback – or to the canyons of Pizzi Bianchi, to the ancient stone houses on the Falanga or through secret paths in the hills to find the most spectacular panoramas and learn about the local flora. While the picturesque bays and clear waters hide many treasures for divers and snorkelers, where with a little luck you may meet some of our resident dolphins and fin whales.

6) Ischia is also a heaven for gourmands. You could be spoiled for choice if looking for an Ischitan dining-out experience. From Michelin-starred fine dining to local tradition with folklore, from high-end exclusive to easy-going, from amazingly fresh seafood to insular dishes such as Ischitan Rabbit, from Castle view with candlelight to romantic twosome “pieds-dans-l’eau” with the dinner table literally 2 steps from the sea. The quality is constantly improving and many local chefs are gaining very high respect on the international culinary scene.
A brief mention also goes to the nightlife, with dj-sets on the beach, live music and concerts, jazz-festivals and club-events, or special venues like the Ghost Tour in the spooky Castle at night.

Our concierge and entertainment service is personalised and accurate, tailor-made to fit the client’s wishes with the most suitable solutions.

7) The good thing about this corner of the world is that seasons still mark the natural rhythm of things. The busy summers, the quiet winters, the wonderful springs and romantic autumns make any moment of the year enjoyable, each in a different way.
People still stick to traditions and every season has fruit, a vegetable, an event or a saint you may celebrate only in that particular time of the year. Don’t miss out on one of these special moments, like the Santa Restituta or San Vito festivals in spring, the allegorical boat parade at sea for the Sant’Anna Fest or the traditional costume parade through the roads of town at the height of Summer, or the folklore dance ‘Ndrezzata' generally performed in the village of Buonopane, just to mention but a few.
We will make sure to inform you what is occurring next on the calendar.

8) Ischia never forgot its agricultural past, despite its development into a more urban context. In recent years a green renaissance is taking over the islanders’ hearts. The fertile volcanic soil is an incredible gift and the islanders are well aware of it. Younger generations are now developing new concepts of eco-sustainable tourism, agricultural holidays, traditional cookery classes, “green barter” projects.
And local farmers are starting to produce certified organic fruit and vegetables and open the gates to their fields to the public. We can make it all available also for yacht chefs.

9) The island has always been known for its excellent white wines, dry and crispy, although in recent years also some decent red wines are starting to be produced. As well as the famous liqueurs: limoncello, nocillo, rucolino. Learn more about the Ischitan land with special guided tours taking you to meet the oenologists and visit the best vineyards for wine-tastings and local delicacies.

10) Add on top 3 main port facilities, and 2 smaller ones, able to welcome all sizes of yachts up to 90 meters LOA and over (this year 138 mt LOA were reached, with the presence of M/Y Rising Sun), ideally located in the heart of the Mediterranean: the perfect spot to be on and in-between charters.
The port of Ischia is a circular volcanic lake opened to the sea, very scenic and safe in any weather condition, with a slight hint of Portofino or Saint Tropez; the port of Casamicciola, with a beautiful view on the mountains; the seasonal jetty in Lacco Ameno close to some of the most famous resorts and spas; the little port of Sant’Angelo - the fishermen village with the beautiful Capri-style “piazzetta”- and the lively port of Forio.
For port reservations and formalities you can, of course, count on our assistance.

And last but not least there is In The Sun Yacht Services.
We decided to focus and specialise on what we know best: the industry and the territory, believing that a truly 100% spot-on service can only be achieved if you are totally familiar with your surrounds. With many of our services, we can assist you also in the rest of the Gulf of Naples, yet Ischia is our main priority.

IschiaSunriseOur yachting background has taken us all over, but we chose Ischia as our home. We are so to say “locals” and understand how to deal with the insular and regional peculiarities. On the other hand, we have a perfect understanding of the dynamics and needs on board, the pressure, the demands, the tricks for a successful charter.

Whether it be top-notch provisioning – done by a former Chef and Chief Stew with extensive knowledge of the products, brands and quality required - or the technical assistance - by a hands-on, extremely qualified Chief Engineer with Merchant Navy background and over 30 years at sea – you can hand your tasks to us, and relax in the knowledge that we will fulfil your requirements at the highest standard and accomplish our mission: to make Crew life easier and Guests’ stay memorable.

And should all of this not be enough, we leave you with this Ischitan sunrise. You may want to think about it.

For further details: www.inthesunyachtservices.com
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