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Sonny Cutting, Co-Founder of Yacht Friend offers the latest news.

Establishing Yacht Friend as a Global Blog Community Portal for Yachties! The blogs are an integral part of the Yacht Friend’ community concept – it’s where the crew themselves get to speak. And that means you! Contact sonny Cutting on the form below with your Name, Email and Message to make contact! Best wishes!

Our blogs are also read by 100's of people from all over the globe! If you love yachts and are passionate about life on the sea, make a friend with Yacht Friend.

Your stories are wanted... We are looking for an overview of what Stewie's do on a day to day in her/his role on a yacht. We're looking for stories from Captains, First Officers, Engineers, Chef, Deckhands etc. You will not be expected to share anything confidential, we're just keen to hear stories and quotes from people who work on yachts. We are hoping a few Stewie's would like to be profiled on the site, it can be a story of you on a yacht or why you got into yachting etc.

We also offer a reciprocal banner exchange programme. So please email us. Once your blog post goes live, we encourage everyone to share the link on other digital platforms (including your own website and Facebook page), spreading the word and raising your profile further. We think that’s a pretty compelling offer, don’t you? Of course, the more bloggers we have, the more Yacht Friend will come alive; it’s a virtuous circle that will benefit us all. If you do decide to blog with us, we don’t pay anyone to have their articles posted on our website, but in return, we don’t charge you to have them posted. It’s a symbiotic relationship that works very harmoniously. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in helping, please contact us.


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