Working On A Mega Yacht

Eva, Yacht Steward

My name is Eva, 31. I'm a Stewie on a mega yacht. Here's my story!

Took me a "little" while, mainly because I did not really know, how and where to get started. I have done a lot of researching, taking courses and in February this year I decided to give up my old job and I went to France hunting for a job on a luxury mega yacht!

Skipper's Log

 Skipper's Log

Skipper, Herb Fredrick gives us a candid article about sailing.

In July of 1987, a friend invited me for a day of sailing with her and her friends. I loved it and felt at home. Since then I've organized and skippered on 49 bareboat charter sailing adventures, sailed with others, and attended two additional sailing classes.

Interview with a Stewie

 Interview with a Stewie


When I arrived in the South of France I kept being told: “everyone gets a job eventually”. It took me six weeks but it was an amazing six weeks of hanging out in a crew house (basically a 30 person hostel for yacht crew) with some absolutely amazing people.

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