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We’re Yacht Friend, a global community blogging platform for the Yachting industry supporting companies globally. This is a unique one-off chance for your business to get some serious exposure online. We are only allowing a few companies to freely advertise their services on our website. All we ask in return is the opportunity to exchange banners. What could be an easier sales pitch?

Our overall vision of the brand is to remain focussed on the core fundamentals of yachting, whilst at the same time seeking out new partnerships and friends in the nautical world which we all love.

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Yacht Crew Stories and Blogs from around the Globe.

We're looking for more biographies and blogs of freelance yacht crew working around the world, please click the white box at the footer of the website on the right of the site to contact us about writing a blog or advertising your services, and we will email you back with the blogging criteria we require. One-off articles are perfect, and we prefer this as it makes the site more exclusive.

Our exclusive website allows yacht crew members to blog freely about their experiences on yachts and for businesses to advertise their services on our website for free. A win, win for everyone. :-)


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